PPC Top tips

We’ll write these tips with the example of our company Lampshade Marketing. To use these tips, just replace our company with yours! Helpful tips for free! Can’t say fairer than that! Pay per click (PPC). Simples.

Make sure you advert copy has your PPC keywords in it

If you are using “PPC company, Gloucester” as a PPC keyword term, make sure that you mention “PPC” and “Gloucester” in your PPC advert copy. This tip will increase your quality score in Google. If the PPC advert copy doesn’t have your keywords in, your score wont be as good! Simples! If you don’t do this tip, you’ll end up paying more money for the same thing. Bad times.

Use the dynamic keyword insertion

Using this when you create your PPC advert copy makes the advert far more relevant to the searcher and more likely to be clicked on. It’ll result in more relevant clicks, better quality score and an increase in time on your website. BOOM. 3 for 1.


Should be number 1 really. If you only work in a certain area, like Cheltenham, why pay for PPC searches in Gloucester, if you are not willing to travel that far? Make sure that your use be sure to use Geo-Targeting to target these. By using geo-targeting you can save stacks of money and achieve a much higher conversion.

Pay attention to your quality score

If you have a keyword that is “Poor” quality, consider deleting this keyword. It’ll only affect your overall Quality Score and bring down the happiness of your AdGroup.

Have lots of negative pay per click keywords

If you are selling pay per click, and not SEO (Search engine optimisation), make sure that you have a negative keyword list. This means that searches will exclude those keywords. You don’t want your pay per click advert to show (and be clicked on!) if you aren’t offering that service. By actioning this top pay per click tip, you may well see a decrease in your click throughs, but your conversion should rocket!

Make sure they go to the right page

Easiest one of all this one. Make sure that you send them to the relevant page, not your website home page. Stick them on the homepage and hope they find the product advertised in your pay per click advert and it’s like inviting them into the showroom and blindfolding them! Your customers will thank you for this by spending more time on your website.

Track your pay per click customers

If you use Google Analytics this is super easy. You can then see what keywords are converting and which aren’t. Then you reduce the ones that aren’t converting and increase the others.

Enough?  Know enough about Pay per click from these top tips?  If not. jump on your email and give us a shout. Lampshade. Lighting up the internet. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call us on 07735 031 707.