Marketing strategy

Written by Matt Boseley.

Developing a cracking marketing strategy is vital for any business - whatever your size. Without a marketing strategy, who is going to find you and what will you sell to them.

By letting Lampshade Marketing help you define your marketing strategy, we'll help you build your company into one that creates great products and sells them to the right people. And make a profit.  Bish bosh bash. Super. Can't say fairer than that?

Once we've decided on your marketing strategy, we can start building your plan of action.  Sometimes it's not a case of sell as much as we can, we have to be smarter than that.  And that is where Lampshade Marketing can help.

Marketing strategy is a key part of business success.

  • We need to decide together which customers to target

  • We need to work our how we'll find new customers

  • We need to figure out how to get these customers to buy

  • We also need to look at our current customers - and keep them darn happy

  • And we need to keep reviewing and improving everything we do to beat your competitors. Hands down.

There is other stuff. Marketing strategy stuff. But if we told you that, why would you need to use us.

What's stopping you?  Get on to it now. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 07735 031 707.