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How to create an Email Marketing plan

In the beginning....

Before you start developing email campaigns, we think that it's best if you define your target audience.

Once you get a good idea of your email recipients, it'll be much easier to decide what you want to say to them.

Really. Who is going to read your email marketing campaigns?

Industry leaders and peers? Current and potential customers? Family and friends? Once you define the group or groups you want to send to, you may even want to jot down a few bullet points to help define them a little more. Maybe a few key words that describe the people in the group and what the group will want to get out of your campaign. This will help you keep your newsletter content relevant to that group, and ultimately help ensure the success of your email marketing

What are industry leaders and peers going to want?

  • They'll be looking for information about the things that are current right now and your thoughts on what the next big this is going to be
  • They might also be interested in receiving an email on market trends gathered from in-depth consumer research which you've done
  • And maybe some fluff on gossip and news!


What are your current customers going to want to know?

  • How about some new product information and reviews—which of the widgets that you sell are the best?
  • Some new news on widgets? How about a review of them to entice them to order?
  • Or of course the fave, special offers, discounts and coupons!

Defining your target audience is key. Get that right and we are on the way to creating an email marketing campaign.  Keep an eye out for our new installment on creating an email marketing campaign.  Why not follow is on Twitter to make sure you don't miss the next one?